Leaks Hint 'Destiny 2' PS4 Exclusive Content

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 27, 2017 04:20 AM EDT

An unexpected but welcome leak for "Destiny 2" has caused a lot of excitement among the "Destiny" gaming community. Players are apparently asking for more information about Bungie's sequel to its famous online sci-fi shooter. The leak reportedly came from an Italian GameStop branch that accidentally shared promotional posters of the upcoming game. Fans were able to pick out the printed release date as well as hints of a PS4 exclusive content.

Speculations of some PS4 exclusive contents possibly came from the "Destiny 2" poster's upper left-hand corner. The logo seems to indicate that the poster, which details some announcement regarding a beta, might be exclusive to PS4 gamers or it could be an early access kind of element, reports Game Rant. Some sources believe that the sequel will follow what Sony did for the original game when it came out for their system.

Several rumors claim that the PS4 exclusive content for "Destiny 2" might come in the form of exotic weapons, quests, crucible maps and more. Fans recalled that Sony strategically turned the original game into a pseudo-exclusive through some of its limited content, which drove sales of the original game and the console itself. Speculations continue to indicate that the company will follow the same footsteps that made the original release successful.

Several reports claimed that Bungie might step away from console exclusive content to expand the "Destiny 2" community. Just like what the developer did for the original game, which had several exclusives during its Year 1 and Year 2. By the time Year 3 arrived it did not really offer as much as the first two seasons. Most gamers allegedly feel that exclusives might just frustrate the player base. News of a PS4 exclusive content will surely divide gamers instead.

Meanwhile, rumors of a PC version for "Destiny 2" have been reportedly confirmed by a report from Gamenguide. A gamer recently posted his pre-order receipt from a GameStop branch in Hannover, Germany. The slip also indicates the estimated release date and the price for the sequel. Players are expecting Bungie to make an announcement soon about the newest installment of their online FPS. News of some PS4 exclusive content have yet to be confirmed by the developer and retailers.

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