'Splatoon 2' Mobile Data Consumption Per Hour Reveals Good Numbers

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 27, 2017 04:10 AM EDT

Nintendo Switch gamers are now trying out "Splatoon 2" and its online multiplayer feature. It has been noted that the game plays a lot like its predecessor except for its portability, courtesy of the hardware its currently on. Fans of the ink-filled combat FPS can finally play almost anywhere as long as there is an internet connection, which most likely means mobile internet usage. The game's data consumption information was reportedly verified by some users.

A user reportedly connected his Nintendo Switch to a mobile phone via its hotspot feature and activated the data connection. The hour-long "Splatoon 2" "Global Testfire" allowed users who signed up for the demo to play the multiplayer mode of the FPS. After some 60 minutes of ink-heavy online combat with other gamers, it surprisingly only consumed around 153MB of mobile data consumption. The user confirms that the Switch was the only device connected to the mobile hotspot, as reported by Venture Beat.

Given the seemingly manageable data consumption, "Splatoon 2" will surely help gamers justify getting a mobile data plan to enjoy the portability of the FPS. Unlike most online multiplayer PVP shooters, the game reportedly ran smoothly without any noticeable lag. It appears Nintendo developed the game to adapt to a wide range of connection speeds.

Other FPS games obviously require low ping in order to be considered playable, while "Splatoon 2" just requires players to cover the map with their ink. It's understandable that sometimes players will engage in combat with other users. These encounters will obviously depend on ping in order to be successful in battle. The data consumption numbers itself seems to indicate that the game is one of the must-buy Nintendo Switch games.

Other than data consumption information and multiplayer game options, "Splatoon 2" seems to also showcase several easter eggs for players to enjoy. Kotaku claims that gamers can mess around in the lobby during a multiplayer match and tweak the game's music. Players can reportedly add sound effects and change the pitch of the background music.

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