Move Over ‘Bomberman’, ‘Bombergirl’ is Coming to Arcades

Move Over ‘Bomberman’, ‘Bombergirl’ Is Coming To Arcades

Feb 13, 2017 05:33 PM EST

A new "Bomberman" franchise is in the works by Konami and this time it will feature a new character "Bombergirl"

For Honor - 4v4 Elimination Orochi Gameplay

‘For Honor’ Just Featured A 'Mortal Kombat’ Scene In Their Map; Beta Player Caught A Shot Of The Secret Scene

Feb 13, 2017 05:31 PM EST

A scene in "Mortal Kombat" seems to be featured in one of the maps in "For Honor". A beta player caught a screenshot of the very familiar scene.

Battle, Spin, and Win in Pokémon Duel!

'Pokemon Duel’ Guide: List Of Best Pokemon In Runner Category

Feb 13, 2017 05:30 PM EST

A guide for players of "Pokemon Duel" to help them choose the best Pokemon in Runner category.

‘Destiny’ Older Digital Codes Not Working, Why Game Should Do Away With Xur's Three Of Coins

'Destiny: Rise Of Iron’ Vendor Xur’s Location For February 10 To 12 Revealed; Get The List Of Rare Items Available Here

Feb 11, 2017 12:23 AM EST

Vendor Xur's location is revealed for this week along with the list of rare weapons he has for sale.

Pokemon Go

'Pokemon GO’ Gets A Valentine’s Day Event

Feb 11, 2017 12:21 AM EST

A new event is live in "Pokemon GO" for Valentine's day and it rewards players with more candies and easier to catch Pink Pokemon.

Fire Emblem Direct 1.18.2017

'Fire Emblem Heroes’ Guide: How To Level Up Fast

Feb 09, 2017 09:34 PM EST

A guide for "Fire Emblem Heroes" players how to level up fast in the game.

Gears of War 4 Valentine's Day Event Brings New Maps, More - IGN News

'Gears Of War 4’ Valentine’s Day Event Includes New Maps & Valentines Inspired Rewards

Feb 09, 2017 09:23 PM EST

Microsoft announces a Valentine's Day event for "Gears of War 4" and it comes with new content including new maps, characters and game mode.

YouTuber Pleads GUILTY!

Two Gambling Site Owners & YouTubers Fined Over $300,000 For Promoting Site To Minors

Feb 08, 2017 10:32 PM EST

Two YouTubers with a million subscribers were charged more than $300,000 for owning a gambling site without a license and promoting it to children.


'Call Of Duty' Guide: How To Make A Boat Propeller To Access Turtle Island In Rave In The Redwoods Map

Feb 08, 2017 10:55 AM EST

A guide for "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" players how to create a boat propeller for the broken boat in Rave in the Redwoods map.

Nintendo Switch: Full Hardware and Accessories Overview - Treehouse Live

Nintendo Announces More Third Party Developers Will Come In Switch Unlike Wii U

Feb 08, 2017 10:52 AM EST

Nintendo makes sure more third party developers will create games for Switch by making it easier for them to make compatible games.

Nioh - Escape the First Cell

'Nioh’ Guide: How To Get Out Of The First Room Cell

Feb 07, 2017 05:33 PM EST

A guide for "Nioh" players how to get out of the first room cell that they will encounter the game.

Kojima Productions' Death Stranding Reveal Trailer - E3 2016

'Death Stranding’ Release Date Already Decided; Game Will Not Come On PS5

Feb 07, 2017 05:30 PM EST

Hideo Kojima admits "Death Stranding" already has a release date and teases fans with more details about the game.

Battle, Spin, and Win in Pokémon Duel!

Pokemon Duel’ Guide: Where To Get Coins

Feb 07, 2017 05:25 PM EST

A guide for "Pokemon Duel" players to learn different ways how to earn money in the game.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Multiplayer 4 Player COOP Walkthrough Part 1 Campaign PS4 1080 60 FPS

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Guide: How To Play Co-Op

Feb 06, 2017 05:53 PM EST

A guide for "Ghost Recon Wildlands" players how to play the co op mode in the game.

02/03 Fire Emblem Heroes: Features, Arena Battle

'Fire Emblem Heroes’ Guide In Using Hero Feathers

Feb 06, 2017 05:50 PM EST

A guide for "Fire Emblem Heroes" players how to use the Hero Feathers in the game and improve a hero's star rating

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