'New World' Petrified Wood Guide: Where to Find  and Use It

'New World' Petrified Wood Guide: Where to Find and Use It

A rare resource in New World, where players need to level up a certain skill and perk to maximize its gathering, Petrified Wood can be used in crafting Arcana items like staves and magical armor pieces.

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'New World' Factions Guide: Benefits, How to Join One

Factions are one of the benefitial elements in New World, as joining one will give them benefits like unique equipment, consumables, and other items. This system can also be helpful in clearing quests faster.

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'New World' Saltpeter Location Guide: Where to Find Them, How Transform Them into Gunpowder

Gunpowder is one of the important items in New World as it was used mainly for weapons like the musket. To produce their supply of gunpowder, players must first gather saltpeter, its key ingredient.

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'New World' Guide: Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses, Install size, System Requirements, and More

After years of delay, and successful beta tests, Amazon Games formally announced that they will open up the servers for their new multiplayer online game, New World. The said launch will cover the servers in North and South America, as well as Australia and Europe.

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'New World' Open Beta Sign Up Guide: When Will it Start, How to Join

After a year full of delays, Amazon Games formally announced the rewlease of "New World," its very own multiplayer online role-playing game. In celebration of this release, they will initiate the open beta test for players to experience the game.

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