'Overwatch': Players Complain About Unfair Rewards For Support Heroes

'Overwatch': Players Complain About Unfair Rewards For Support Heroes

With the "Uprising" seasonal event currently on the way for "Overwatch" players have played the new PVE game mode.

by Michael Augustin

Overwatch - The 'Uprising' Comic (Voiced)

New Skins Hinted By New 'Overwatch' Comic

Blizzard Entertainment has continuously released game and story content for the popular team-based shooter "Overwatch".

by Michael Augustin

[NEW HERO] Introducing Ana | Overwatch

'Overwatch' Devs Share Upcoming Hero Balance Updates

"Overwatch" PTR players reportedly experienced several balance updates last week as well as the introduction of the game's latest hero Orisa.

by Michael Augustin

Overwatch IMMORTAL BASTION - Can he die? - Nano Boost Testing

'Overwatch' PTR: Bastion Reportedly Overpowered By Latest Buff

Overwatch has been all over the news in the past week, especially with its incoming changes like the new Server Browser, character balances and its "Year of the Rooster" coming to an end this week.

by Michael Augustin

2012 Consumer Electronics Show Showcases Latest Technology Innovations

'Overwatch' Latest News & Updates: Reinhardt Is Pharah's Father

Decibelle, a Reddit user, is brave in her assumption that Reinhardt could be Pharah's father.

by Clarice F. Bernardo

Xbox VIP Gaming Event

'Overwatch' Latest News & Update: New Character Ana Can Keep Enemies on the Bench Through Triple-Threat Technique [VIDEO]

Want to kick out an enemy in "Overwatch"? Use the Ana triple-threat technique from Youmuus and see how being AFK for a long time can disqualify an opponent.

by Olivia Cavallaro

Gamescom 2015

'Overwatch' DLC Release Date, News & Update: Sombra A New Stealth Hero? Discovered Data Reveals Ana & Sombra Are Two Different Characters

Fans of "Overwatch" are now confused if Ana and Sombra are actually one character or two different heroes.

by Jeanne Anne

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