‘Overwatch’ Woofston Is ‘X-Men’ Comics, Movies Star;  Reinhardt Is Not Pharah’s Father

‘Overwatch’ Woofston Is ‘X-Men’ Comics, Movies Star; Reinhardt Is Not Pharah’s Father

The “Overwatch” cats and dog characters are coming back to the game. Moreover, the lead writer of the game also revealed more about Pharah’s Dad.

by Mia P.

E3 Gaming Conference Begins In Los Angeles

'Overwatch': Team-Based FPS, Features, Gameplay & Platforms On PC, PS4, & Xbox One; Cross Play Development Coming Up

"Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter game that has become one of the widely accepted multiplayer shooters game online.

by Paige McClure

Overwatch Proves Why Mouse & Keyboard Should Have Native Support For Consoles

'Overwatch': No More Lowered Skill Rating Scheme

The ‘Overwatch” developers are currently working on a fix for Overwatch players losing to lower their skill ratings. Moreover, the “World of Warcraft” Gold may now be used for Overwatch and Hearthstone.

by Ben Lindon

Overwatch Beta [ All Female Characters ]

'Overwatch' Upcoming Custom Game Modes To Bring More Fun When Patch Arrives

“Overwatch” fans will soon be able to experience a more personalized game modes. They will soon be able to adjust every aspect of every multiplayer game that could make every game virtually different from one another.

by Ben Lindon

Overwatch Cinematic Trailer

‘Overwatch’: D.va From ‘Overwatch’ Has Become A Symbol Of Hope In Real Life

“Overwatch” is one of the most successful titles of 2016. Long before it came out it had stirred up the fans’ imaginations and after it was released this effect has only strengthened. What is the secret behind the game’s imaginative success, the world may never know, but people are out there and they are changing the world.

by Kristine Garcia

Overwatch Animated Short | “Dragons”

‘Overwatch’: No Easter Or Valentine’s Day Event Planned

“Overwatch” is one of the most successful titles to be released in 2016. It has a large and diverse audience. To show respect towards its players, the game often implements events based on nearing holidays. Such events were released for both Halloween and Chinese New Year, but are there events in preparation for the nearing holidays?

by Kristine Garcia

Overwatch | NEW EVENT SKINS REVEALED - Year of the Rooster Skins

‘Overwatch’ Year Of The Rooster Event Coming Soon

“Overwatch” was one of the great hits of 2016, bringing home many awards, among which best competitive title, best MMO and Game of the Year. With such a great success comes and the responsibility towards your playerbase. Here comes the moment of event introduction and what players can expect of the year of the rooster.

by Kristine Garcia

Overwatch New Map Oasis - Full Map Tour

‘Overwatch’ News: New Oasis Map Takes Players to Iraq Via Different Locations; Arabic Writings Translated

“Overwatch” Oasis map will bring players to the land of Iraq, hinting at middle-eastern culture and landmarks. The different Arabic writings around the locations are also translated to English.

by Ben Lindon

Overwatch: New Oasis Map! Jump Pads & Deadly Traffic

‘Overwatch’ Players Still Complain About Mei Ice Wall Issue; Oasis Map Goes Live Featuring Arabian City

“Overwatch” players are reportedly encountering Mei ice wall glitch in the 3v3 mode. A new map named Oasis goes live, featuring the Arabian City.

by Ben Lindon

Overwatch Valentine's Voicelines Reveal Genji and Mercy ROMANCE!

‘Overwatch’ Bastion Character Is Elon Musk’s Favorite; Genji-Mercy Receive Hate Comments

'Overwatch' is a video game that Elon Musk recommends. Based on his response when asked, the SpaceX CEO is believed to choose Bastion over other heroes in the game.

by Ben Lindon

Overwatch - Upcoming Hero 'DOOMFIST' (Theory)[Overwatch Explained]

Overwatch: Sombra, Roadhog, Nerfs, Oasis Map & Everything In Between

Overwatch heroes reportedly got nerfs and buffs with a recent patch went live for testing. However, several players have noted that some characters easily get killed because of the nerfs.

by Ben Lindon

If Terry Crews voiced Overwatch heroes

'Overwatch' Terry Crews Likes To Voice Doomfist; Probably Due To Fans' Demands

Terry Crews, actor, and PC gaming fanatic have been making a buzz over his potential engagement with the fast-paced first person shooting game,

by Beverly V.

 Official Overwatch Razer hardware Powered by Razer™ Chroma

‘Overwatch’ Oasis Map Comes With Traversal Options, Environmental Hazards; Brawler’s Guild In Patch 7.1.5

“Overwatch” reportedly gets the Oasis map free to play for all players. Moreover, the Brawler’s Guild makes a comeback in the game with the Ogrewatch challenge.

by Henry Abragan

[NEW SEASONAL EVENT] Welcome to Overwatch's Winter Wonderland!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Christmas Event Ended Jan. 2, Lunar New Year Skins Coming Up

Overwatch players are expected to claim their in-game bonus items for the Winter Wonderland Christmas event until Jan. 2 only.

by Ben Lindon


'Overwatch' Players Will Receive Winter Loot Boxes For Free; Grab Them Before They Run Out!

Without a doubt, "Overwatch" delighted in an incredible year.

by Beverly V.

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