Developer Praises Project Scorpio, Claims It Is A Full-Featured Next-Gen Console

Developer Praises Project Scorpio, Claims It Is A Full-Featured Next-Gen Console

Project Scorpio is the code name for Microsoft's upcoming flagship gaming system.

by Michael Augustin

New Scorpio Spec Leak: ESRAM Gone, GPU Features Revealed

Latest Leaks Confirm Project Scorpio Details

Microsoft's Project Scorpio has received a ton of speculations in the past few months.

by Michael Augustin

Microsoft Retail Store and Former San Francisco 49ers Roger Craig Host Xbox One Gaming Tournament at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto

Xbox One: Microsoft Add New Copilot Controller Mode, Assigns Two Gamepads To The Same Player; Xbox Insider Program Still Not Accessible To All Users

Microsoft's Xbox One console has recently added a new update on the gaming device, the copilot mode, which is tied into the Xbox Guide interface.

by Paige McClure

Microsoft VIP Lounge At The Hard Rock Hotel

Project Scorpio Features: Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer Shares Experience Playing The Console First Time

Phil Spencer has recently announced on twitter that he's really happy with the development of Project Scorpio.

by Paige McClure

Mirosoft's New X-Box Holds Midnight Sales Launch In New York's Times Square

Project Scorpio Specs, Features & Price: The Most Powerful Xbox Consoles Ever Made; Microsoft To Keep Up With Sony?

Microsoft's Project Scorpio has been indentified as the most powerful console for 2017.

by Paige McClure

Xbox Project Scorpio is beefier than expected - 343 Industries says

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio: Halo Boss Reveals Console Is Beefier Than Expected

Halo Director says Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Console is more powerful than initially expected. Hype increase among gamers.

by Danny Smith

Jimmy Fallon Debuts The Nintendo Switch

Gaming Console Wars 2017: Nintendo Switch To Release First, Not Against PS4 Pro; Project Scorpio’s Best Asset Is HoloLens

Gaming console of choice this year has reportedly been narrowed down to two choices. Apparently, both the Nintendo Switch and the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio are being expected to launch this year.

by Ben Lindon

New Xbox One | Project Scorpio | Reveal

Project Scorpio Latest News & Updates: Microsoft Executive Says the Project Scorpio Is About Giving Players a Choice

Larry Hryb reiterated that the Project Scorpio targets those who doesn’t have much time for a build and tweak process on PC.

by Cores Grace Malaay

Project Scorpio Announcement - E3 2016 Microsoft Press Conference

Xbox Project Scorpio at Console Price-Point, Games With Gold December & Backwards Compatible Updates Revealed, More Details Here!

Microsoft's Project Scorpio will be at a console price-point, "Shadowrun" among others will be available to play on Xbox One and more.

by Cores Grace Malaay

17 Minutes of Explosive Crackdown 3 Gameplay - Gamescom 2015

'Crackdown 3' Release Date, News & Updates: Full-Scale Destruction Mode In 4K; More Details Revealed!

"Crackdown 3" will be available just in time for the holiday season next year, with a 4K feature.

by Andrea Lou

PlayStation 5 to be released in 2017

PlayStation 5 Release Date, News & Update: Will Sony Use 8 Teraflop GPU In Next Generation Console? Find Out Here!

In a statement made by Mark Cerny, he hinted the use of 8 Teraflop GPU in PlayStation 5 that is now expected by the many.

by Staff Reporter

Xbox Scorpio Console Reveal Trailer - E3 2016

Xbox Scorpio Specs, Features, Price & Latest Update: Why New ‘Beast’ Console Will Cost More Than Xbox One S

Ahead of its release, Xbox execs are already prepping the masses for Xbox Scorpio’s high price.

by Arianne Gift

Xbox - Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio Latest News & Update: Microsoft Exec Calls Scorpio a True 4K, Most Powerful Console Ever

Microsoft Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg pitched subtle tirades that gamers are in for graphics fidelity never before seen then capped his statement that Project Scorpio is the real 4K.

by Regin Olimberio

Xbox - Project Scorpio

'Xbox Project Scorpio' Release Date, News & Update: Stronger And Better Than Xbox Pro S? "Really True 4K" Experience

Xbox Project Scorpio will be released next year and Microsoft said that it will be more powerful than the recently released Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro.

by Samille Jan Abada

Xbox - Project Scorpio

Microsoft Project Scorpio Release Date, News & Update: Bill Gates’ Company Threatened By Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro? Will Run 4K UWP Games?

With the release of Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, it looks like Microsoft will soon unveil its Microsoft Project Scorpio that can run 4K UWP games to compete its rival.

by Staff Reporter

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