Xbox One S & PS4 Pro Cheapest Bundle Deals: Xbox One Has 4 $249 Game Edition Console Bundle For The Holidays; The PS4 Pro Starts At $464

Xbox One S & PS4 Pro Cheapest Bundle Deals: Xbox One Has 4 $249 Game Edition Console Bundle For The Holidays; The PS4 Pro Starts At $464

Check out the latest deals on two of the most popular gaming console of the year, the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro.

by Ceage Sotto


'Nier Automata' Features Revealed, Collaboration With Phantasy Star Online 2 & Monster Hunter Frontier Z Released Soon?

"Nier Automata" features were revealed during the live stream and two collaborations will be happening in the future for two of the famous games namely Phantasy Star Online 2 and Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

by Switchy Sam

Nioh - New PS4 Pro Gameplay - Ogress Boss Battle!

‘Nioh' Release Date, News & Update: New Gameplay Video Running On PS4 Pro Release Showing Ogress Boss Battle

“Nioh” released a demo video showing a bettle with Orgess boss in its last video minutes.

by Gloven Ramos

Xbox One S Review

Microsoft Executive Says That It's Still Early Days For 4K or HDR Gaming, That is Why Players Should Wait For More Announcements

Xbox developer Albert Penello said that it is still very early days for 4K and HDR gaming and he is frustrated since PS4 slim and pro models do not have 4k Blu Ray Drive.

by Samille Jan Abada

'Nioh': Ogress Boss Battle In 4K Resolution On The PS4 Pro

'Nioh': Ogress Boss Battle In 4K Resolution On The PS4 Pro

"Nioh" being played on Sony's Playstation 4 Pro, which was taken during Sony's PSX 2016 and showcases the Ogress boss battle.

by Michael Augustin

ARK: Survival Evolved - Survivor's Pack Launch Trailer | PS4

'ARK: Survival Evolved' Latest News and Updates: PS4 Release Date Finally Revealed with Its Exclusive Skins

"ARK: Survival Evolved" players may finally have something to look forward to as Studio Wildcard recently released a statement that the game's release date might just be sooner than expected. Included with the game's release are some exclusive skins that fans might be excited about.

by Kevin Panganiban

Farming Simulator 2017 PS4 PRO

'Resogun' and 'Farming Simulator 17' Gets the Latest PS4 Pro update, Fixes Issues on Other Games

The two latest games that will get PS4 Pro support patch are "Resogun" and "Farming Simulator 17".

by Samille Jan Abada

The Last Guardian – Unboxing the Collector's Edition Video | PS4

"The Last Guardian" Review: What People Get After A Year of Waiting? Features & Gameplay Details

"The Last Guardian" was released today exclusively on PS4. For almost a decade, players have been waiting for one of the most important "author video games".

by Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho

The last Guardian is finally released

'The Last Guardian' Can Only Achieve Steady Frame Rate on PS4 Pro

Unfortunately, most users who want to play "The Last Guardian" by Fumito Ueda (from "ICO" and "Shadow of the Colossus") will have to deal with an unstable frame rate.

by Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho

Battleborn Launch Trailer

‘Battleborn’ News & Update: ‘Battleborn’ Winter Update Will Unlock All Core Heroes Plus A PS4 Pro Support; More Details On Gameplay Here!

The “Battleborn” Winter Update is so massive, you might want to buy a PS4 Pro.

by Arianne Gift

The Last Guardian – CG Cinematic Trailer | PS4

'The Last Guardian' Latest News & Updates: Get Smoother Game Performance On PS4 Pro With 4K Displays, Find Out How!

"The Last Guardian" will run smoothly on PS4 Pro with 4K screens by a simple tweaking process.

by Cores Grace Malaay

PlayStation 4 Pro Launches in Stores Nationwide

PlayStation Experience 2016: Sony’s Mistake & How The Company Learned From It, According To Exec Shuhei Yoshida

Sony made a bold promise at the PlayStation Experience 2016 event, saying delays will be a thing of the past from now on.

by Arianne Gift

Microsoft Xbox Scorpio

'Xbox Scorpio' vs 'PS4 Pro' Latest News & Updates: Can Microsoft Beat Sony’s Premiere Gaming Console? Details Here!

Microsoft claims that its upcoming Xbox Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever. But can it beat Sony’s latest PS4 Pro?

by Jun Pasaylo

PS4 Update 4.06

PS4 Pro Latest News & Update: New Firmware Update 4.0.6 Fixes OLED, 4K Gaming Lag Issue; TV Brands No Comment Yet

Sony released a new firmware update 4.0.6 to PS4 Pro that fixed 4K gaming issue.

by M PEO

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