'Paragon' News & Update: Twin Blast’s Remake; Every Three Week Update Policy

'Paragon' News & Update: Twin Blast’s Remake; Every Three Week Update Policy

One of the latest heroes is “Twin Blast.” The developers wanted to take the opportunity to fix the core issues preventing him from being as successful as desired. Additionally, they have updated their affinities for both “Fury and Growth.”

by Ralphy Bonn Sim

Versus - PS4 Pro vs PS4

PlayStation Latest News & Update: PS4 Slim VS PS4 Pro; Which Is Better, Skinny Or 4K?

Check how the new PS4 Pro fared against the PS4 Slim in terms of appearance, connections, internals, and 4K TV performance.

by Yang Llaneza

The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Imperial Dragonknight (ESO PC Ultra)

'The Elder Scrolls Online' Latest News & Updates: New Patch & Update For Xbox One & PS4 Now Available For Download

“The Elder Scrolls Online” patch update includes the Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia item alongside bug fixeson the visual effects.

by Cores Grace Malaay

'Final Fantasy VII Remake:' Cloud Crosses Over To Palamecia

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Latest News & Update: Game Presents Better Results on PS4 Than On PS4 Pro! More Gameplay Details

As with Bloodborne, the new "Final Fantasy XV" is also presenting mixed results in terms of game performance.

by Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho

Super Mario Maker 3DS - Hands-On Preview Discussion

‘Super Mario Maker’ Hopes To Salvage Wii U’s Dismal Sales Through New 3DS Version; Will It Be Enough To Keep Nintendo Relevant?

Nintendo hopes to follow the success of "Super Mario Maker" to the 3DS platform, the company hopes that it's enough to make them stay relevant in today's competitive gaming industry.

by Ceage Sotto

Video Game Company Bethesda Holds Press Event Ahead Of Start Of E3 Gaming Conference

‘Dishonored 2’ Latest News & Update: Game Does Not Bring Benefits in The Pro Version? More DLCs Coming? Characters, Gameplay Details Revealed

The Pro Verison of Dihonored has no special thing that actually players want

by Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho

GT Sport |TRAILER | PlayStationPGW

‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Release Date, News & Update: Racing Title Launch Moved To 2017, Comes With 4K HDR 60FPS Display, Other Features

The "Gran Turismo Sport" release date might be a bit delayed but when it arrives, it will come with superior visual output as well as support for the PS VR console.

by Mark Jason Alcala

Microsoft Holds News Briefing Ahead Of E3 Conference

'NBA 2K17' Latest News & Updates: New Patch 1.06 Fixing Animations, PS4 Issues Now Out

The resolution is now out, addressing bugs that gamers may have been dealing with.

by Snooky Grawls

Xbox Scorpio Console Reveal Trailer - E3 2016

Xbox Scorpio VS Xbox One S: How Powerful The Scorpio Is? Specs, Features & Price Compared! Which Is Better?

Xbox Scorpio reviews are everywhere, but how powerful the Scorpio project compared by its previous series, Xbox one S?

by Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho

Xbox One S review

Xbox One S vs Xbox One: Which Microsoft Gaming Console Is Better?

Here's a take on Microsoft's Xbox One S and how it stands up against the Xbox in terms of features.

by Ceage Sotto

GT Sport Bugatti Vision

GT Sport Release Date & Updates: Racing Game May Be Back With PS4 Pro and VR Support, Game Creator Promises Amazing 4K Gameplay

Polyphony Digital CEO and GT Sport creator Kazunori Yamauchi promises the best 4K, HD and VR gameplay for PS4 Pro gamers.

by Vern Cruz

PlayStation 4 Pro Launches in Stores Nationwide

PlayStation 4 Pro Release Date, Latest News & Update: Now Available in North America

PlayStation 4 Pro will now be available across North America, and around the world. This is great news especially for those who are looking for great 4K visuals, or a console that has a boosted processing power.

by Kevin Panganiban

'Overwatch' Latest Patch News & Updates: 'Overwatch' Adds PS4 Support, Watch Out For The New Hero Balance Changes

“Overwatch’s” latest patch announced major changes and added PS4 support.

by Glen Quilat

PS4 Pro: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

'PlayStation 4 Pro' News and Updates: PS4 Pro Offers More Advantages to Gamers Playing 'Battlefield 1'

A test has been conducted which concludes that PlayStation 4 Pro offers more advantages to gamers playing "Battlefield 1" over the standard PS4.

by Cores Grace Malaay

PlayStation 4 Pro has finally arrived in Australia.

Top Games for the PS4 Pro

With the release of the Playstation 4 Pro, 4K gaming has officially arrived for console gamers. But since the Playstation 4 already has a huge library of games being the Playstation 4 Pro a mid cycle console, not all games can benefit from the Pro's new power. Add to that, even games that have been patched to support 4K gaming, most of them simply upscale to that resolution and do not provide true 4K resolution. Simply playing any game on a Playstation 4 Pro will not give you 4K gaming since the game has to be patched first and then correctly optimized to support the increase in pixels. To help you choose which games would be best best for 4K gaming, here's a list of games that take full advantage of the PS4 Pro.

by danjvitan

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