Huawei Mate 9 Update: Confirmed! US Release In January; Battery, Camera Ready To Beat iPhone 8?

Huawei Mate 9 Update: Confirmed! US Release In January; Battery, Camera Ready To Beat iPhone 8?

Huawei Mate 9 will be released in the US in January next year. The expected features and specs of the new handset are believed to be enough to beat the Apple flagship iPhone 8.

by Henry Abragan

Mobile World Congress - Day 1

Nokia P Update: Leaked Specs, Variants, Release Date Thrill Fans; Nokia C1 Coming Too!

Nokia P is slated to arrive early in 2017 with a Snapdragon 835 processor and 23MP rear camera. Moreover, an edge-to-edge Nokia C1 is also expected to be released next year.

by Henry Abragan

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Update: Finally! 1080p Games All The Way!

The Nintendo Switch is expected to come with a GPU that renders 1080p screen resolution. Moreover, rumor has it that the device may double its power when docked.

by Henry Abragan

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review

iPhone 7 Plus Experiencing Serious Problem

On the off chance that you've recently unwrapped a sparkling new iPhone 7 Plus, then maybe you would be advised to investigate the camera.

by Beverly V.

LG Stylus 3

The LG Stylus 3 Update: A Budget Friendly Phone You Shouldn't Missed

With LG's declaration of its new Stylus mobile phone, stylus fans can now celebrate.

by Beverly V.

Samsung At Austin City Limits Music Festival 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Making A Huge Comeback! Features And Specs Revealed

Many have been baffled with the Samsung's Galaxy Note 7.

by Beverly V.

The first image of the speaker LG PJ9

LG Waterproof Speakers Describe As A Magnetically Floating Speaker

South-Korean firm LG Electronics has reported its plan to launch another "magical" speaker.

by Beverly V.

Apple Hopes For Strong Christmas Season

MacBook Pro News & Update: All 3 Models Failed To Meet Customer’s Standards, Another Tests Made Proving It False

Apple has been facing another controversy about their latest release technology, after all three MacBook Pro has failed to meet customer’s standards.

by Lilibeth C

President-Elect Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower In New York

iPhone 8 Update: Major iPhone Generation For Apple; Excellent Investment For 2017

2017 will be a tenth of the commemoration of the iPhone and Apple is relied upon to release an update for the iPhone 8.

by Beverly V.

LG G6 - Specs, Release Date, News & Update - Wireless Charging,Waterproof,Glass Design!!

LG G Features And More Unveiled; Will Be Launched Sooner Than Later

LG Electronics intend to release its next lead "G6" smartphone a month sooner than expected to keep in mind the end goal to get favorable position over its rival.

by Beverly V.

China's Xiaomi Breaks Into Tablet Market

2017 Xiaomi Mi 6 Release Date, Specs, Features And More Leaked!

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is relied upon to be the most inspiring flagship that clients could purchase in 2017.

by Beverly V.

Automakers Debut New Models At Chicago Auto Show

2017 Subaru Legacy; A Car Worth Purchasing

Regardless of a major bit of the U.S. market being equipped more towards SUVs, there is still a large piece of it that prefers solid cars over bigger vehicles.

by Beverly V.

Apple Holds Event To Announce New Products

Apple Latest News & Update: Consumer Reports Deals MacBook Pro 2016 Big Blow, Poor Battery Life Persists

The MacBook Pro 2016 was supposed to be Apple’s next big thing. However, wise consumers may want to consider getting other notebooks instead – especially if they want to get their money’s worth.

by Snooky Grawls

Samsung At Austin City Limits Music Festival 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Revered As Highend Smartphones; Products In Upbeat

The newest Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has been released during this festive season. It comes with several lovable color variants as well.

by Lilibeth C

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