Lenovo Yoga 910 Release Date, News & Update: 3 Features That Make It Premium Hybrid Laptop; Yoga Book Android Tablet Plus Laptop?

Lenovo Yoga 910 Release Date, News & Update: 3 Features That Make It Premium Hybrid Laptop; Yoga Book Android Tablet Plus Laptop?

Lenovo Yoga 910 is a hybrid laptop that can be converted into a tablet. The features provide the users with a feeling of using a premium hybrid laptop instead of a regular hybrid device.

by Henry Abragan

The Samsung Experience At The PGA Championship 2016, Saturday, July 30

Samsung Trademark Filing Hints Potential Galaxy S8 ‘Beast Mode’; Smartphone Reveal May Happen In April 2017

Samsung may be planning to add a “Beast Mode” function to its upcoming smartphones and other devices, meanwhile, the company is reportedly looking at a dedicated event to unveil the new Galaxy S8.

by RG Ferrer

Apple Holds Event To Announce New Products

Apple’s New MacBook Pro Nabs Lowest Battery Score; Fails To Gain Consumer Reports’ Recommendation

Given the 2016 MacBook Pro’s inconsistent battery life test results, the laptop failed to receive a purchase recommendation from Consumer Reports.

by RG Ferrer

Huawei P10 with 6GB RAM|Huawei P10 Specs and Review

2017 Huawei P10 Features Revealed; Bended Double Edge Display And Wireless Charging Looks Promising

Exactly when the Huawei P9 and Mate 9 are as yet standing out enough to be noticed on account of its enormity and quality.

by Beverly V.

Sony Playstation VR Goes On Sale

PlayStation VR Guide On How To Watch 360 You Tube Videos

Sony's PlayStation VR evidently has a new YouTube PlayStation 4 Application for the new 1.09 upgrade.

by Beverly V.

This store is selling gold-plated Trump iPhones to the super rich

Gold-Plated Trump iPhones Is Apple's Most Recent Flagship; Displaying Face Of New American President

Gold-plated Trump iPhones, which are the Apple's most recent flagships, encrusted with precious stones diamonds, encased in gold and displaying the face of the new American president on the back.

by Beverly V.

✿✿ Nokia ‘P’ smartphone running on Snapdragon 835 ✿ 6GB RAM ✿

Nokia's Most Up To Date Mobile Device Nokia P Is Out! Details, Features, Specs And More Revealed!

The Nokia "P" is now underway. Talk has it that it will be one of the best android mobile phones Nokia will release in 2017.

by Beverly V.

Samsung Notebook 9 laptop review

Samsung's Notebook 9 Is The Lightest More Slender Variant Portable PC Ever!

Samsung has upgraded and enhanced its Notebook 9 tablets, making them lighter and controlling them with the capable Intel i7 Kaby Lake processor.

by Beverly V.

Iphone 7 Is Presented in Madrid

Third And High-End iPhone 7s Model To Be Known As ‘Ferrari’

Three new iPhones are expected in 2017 and the third high-end model will reportedly be known as the iPhone 7s Ferrari.

by Snooky Grawls

Google Holds Press Event Announcing New Products

Nexus 6P Follows iPhone 6s Battery Shutdown Issues; Android 7.0 Nougat Blamed

The battery drain issue is bugging Android devices as well, specifically the Nexus 6P tied up to the Android 7.0 Nougat update.

by Snooky Grawls

Apple Holds Event To Announce New Products

MacBook Pro Shelved Features Bared, Prototypes Still Under Evaluation By Apple

The MacBook Pro 2016 disappointed many but the shunned features could still come out on the specualted new batch of Apple notebooks for 2017.

by Snooky Grawls

Ford EcoSport 2017

Ford EcoSport Will Showcase An Expansion To America; From India To The U.S

Regardless of Ford being constrained for bringing in vehicles from plants outside the U.S., the automaker is as yet pushing through with it.

by Beverly V.

Latest Samsung galaxy S8 update with highest features

Samsung Galaxy S8 Launching Of Most Recent Next Leader Mobile Phone; Everything You Need To Know

The Samsung Galaxy S8 could be a standout amongst the most foreseen arrivals of 2017.

by Beverly V.

Business Sets Hours For Pokemon Go Players

"Pokémon GO" Latest News, Updates:Niantic Changes Another Nest Migration

Pokémon GO has another update once again. Niantic Inc. just made some changes with its nest migration feature. More details here.

by Staff Reporter

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