Verizon Deals Latest News & Update: Samsung Galaxy J3 V, LG Stylo 2, K8V No Trade-In Reqs; Net Neutrality Resolution, Priority

Verizon Deals Latest News & Update: Samsung Galaxy J3 V, LG Stylo 2, K8V No Trade-In Reqs; Net Neutrality Resolution, Priority

Verizon is offering several deals again now with four phones in line for free with no trade-in required. Moreover, Verizon is also hoping to fend off the net neutrality case before Trump takes over.

by Henry Abragan

Samsung Galaxy S8 Trailer 2017

Samsung Galaxy Game Pack News: S7, S7 Edge Exclusive Free In-Game Offered; Galaxy S8 20% More Expensive Than Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy now offers a Game Pack exclusive to Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners featuring in-game bonuses for 14 hit Android games. On the other hand, rumors have been circulating that the Samsung Galaxy S8 may be 20 percent more expensive than the S7.

by Henry Abragan

LG G Pad III Blogger Review

LG G Pad III Release Date, News & Update: 10.1 Rolled Out Carries Built-in Kickstand Eyed For E-Readers; LG Supplying Batteries For Samsung?

LG G Pad III 10.1 has officially rolled out, and its built-in kickstand is said to be capable of angle adjustment up to 70 degree. LG is also rumored to begin supplying phone batteries for Samsung.

by Henry Abragan

BEST SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 & S8 Edge Trailers 2017 || Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Upcoming in 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, News & Update: Distinct Curves, Thinner Display Leaked; Best 2017 Flagship Smartphone Yet?

Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks suggest that the upcoming 2017 flagship smartphone will come with a curved design and a thinner display size. Another rumored feature include an iris scanner to replace the home-button feature.

by Mia P.

Samsung Looking At Rival LG To Supply Smartphone Batteries Following Explosions

"Samsung Galaxy Note 7" Latest News & Update: Korean Tech Giant Looking At Rival To Supply Smartphone Batteries Following Explosions

Korean tech giant Samsung might end up humbling itself to one of its major domestic competitors, LG, by asking it to supply batteries for its future smartphone releases.

by Milton Letterman

Xbox - January 2017 Games with Gold

Xbox News & Update: Free Xbox One And Xbox 360 Gold Games This Coming January 2017; Limited Edition Only!

Microsoft has announced the January 2017 Games With Gold lineup, revealing the first freebies of the New Year.

by Ralphy Bonn Sim

Mega Man Legacy Collection - Video Review (PS4)

'Mega Man' Release Date, News & Update: Guess Who's Coming Back This 2017

After Super Mario, another classic game from the 80's is making a fresh return on your iOS and Android mobile devices.

by Caroline

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered Walkthrough Part 5 - All Ghillied Up (COD4 Campaign)

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Latest News & Update: Female Soldier, Ugly Sweater, New Maps, and More

The recent update of Modern Warfare Mastered has brought several changes and some of which are its firsts.

by Caroline

Iron Man's Manhattan Apartment Fireside Video in 4K

Marvel's Fireplace Videos Warms Up Home While Bringing A Holiday Vibe

Again, Marvel saves our day with their latest fireplace videos which showcase their superheroes' home.

by Caroline

2013 Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Newest Technology

Huawei Honor Magic Release Date, News & Update: 6 Features To Make You Say Yes! To Buying Device

Huawei Honor Magic has already been launched in China. The new smartphone is reported to feature AI technology that automatically turns the screen on when the owner is recognized.

by Mia P.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 New Gameplay Trailer 2017 (PS4/XBOX ONE/PC)

'Resident Evil 7' Latest News & Update: New Demo Features Denuvo Anti-Tamper, Goodbye Cracked & Pirated Copies

Game developer Capcom is toying with Denuvo for "Resident Evil 7," an anti-tamper technology that makes software impossible to crack.

by Regin Olimberio

Steam Autumn Sale || The Steam Awards ! *My Picks & Predictions*

Steam Awards 2016 Latest News & Update: Valve Announced Nominees For The 12 Inaugural Steam Awards

Valve has officially released the list of nominees for the Steam Awards 2016.

by Yang Llaneza

15 Reasons Why LG G5 Is Better Than Galaxy S7

Samsung Latest News & Update: Samsung Reportedly Planning To Use Rival LG Batteries In Future Phones

Samsung may start using its rival LG's battery in future smartphones to avoid the disastrous experience with the Galaxy Note 7.

by CJ Estimada

Alola Form Dugtrio Found in Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo + Thoughts!

‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Latest News & Update: 5 Of The Worst Pokemon To Be Included In A Party

There are just some "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Pokemon that don't make great party members.

by Laine Lucas

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