Nintendo Switch Could Come With Stylus As Accessory

Nintendo Switch Could Come With Stylus As Accessory

Nintendo Switch may be getting a stylus as a new accessory according to Miyamoto in one of his recent interviews.

by Allan

Nintendo Switch Preview Event

'Nintendo Switch': Yoshizaki Koisumi Explains Super Mario Odyssey, Brand New 3-D Game & Jumps Into Large Sandbox World,

'Nintendo Switch' will have its newest game this first quarter of 2017, the Super Mario Odyssey that will come in a brand new 3 - dimensional platform, and will bring Mario into a new and huge sandbox world digitalizing the real world.

by Paige McClure

Super Mario Run - All Characters Vs. Bowser (Saving Peach)

‘Super Mario Run’ Now Has An Easy Mode

“Super Mario Run” was Nintendo’s first attempt at entering the mobile market. Whether you see it at success or a failure, 5% of the 78 million people who downloaded the game have purchased its full version, what does that mean in numbers?

by Kristine Garcia

PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games Lineup February 2017

PlayStation Plus News & Updates: Free Games Revealed & More!

Playstation Plus is a subscriptions option available to the owners of Sony’s consoles the PS3, PS4 PS Vita to receive two free games once every month. Now the list of chosen titles for this month’s release has leaked before the official announcement and it seems to hold quite a few great titles.

by Kristine Garcia

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Announcement Trailer

“The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind” Expansion Announced

“The Elder Scrolls Online” is one of the titles which have surprised gamers this year. Even though it had an extremely rough start, with connection issues, high lag, insufficient content and many more. Now, the game has been stabilized and has managed to attract a steadily growing faithful audience.

by Kristine Garcia

Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI Commercial

Nintendo ‘Switch’ News & Updates: Trailer Highlights Upcoming Games, Release Of Superbowl Ad

The Nintendo “Switch” was one of last year’s most anticipated announcements. Enter 2017 and Nintendo finally made an official reveal of the product together with tech specs and future expectations. Now, Nintendo has revealed even more information about its newest console. With their reveals, there also comes a series of unmet expectations.

by Kristine Garcia

Xbox One S

Microsoft Teases Fans With Sneak Peak Of Xbox One New User Interface; Update Set To Be Released Next Week

Microsoft has just revealed a sneak peek of Xbox One's new user interface and its a big upgrade from the last one that's got everyone excited.

by Allan

NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2017) Unboxing

The New Nvidia Shield 2017, Details & Specifications

Nvidia has released an update to their gaming-centered media streaming box.

by Michael Augustin

First Look at Nintendo Switch

Best Nintendo Switch Games For 2017!

The Nintendo “Swtich” has received its official release and even though, quite typical for Nintendo, there are shortages of the console on the network of all retailers, this does not stop gamers from looking forward to the titles which will be released on Nintendo’s new TV-Portable hybrid console.

by Kristine Garcia

NES Classic Edition: Unboxing, Comparison, and Analysis

NES Classic Still Sold Out Since November 2016 Launch

The NES Classic, Nintendo’s wink at the past has had bought a successful and a rough start. Sadly, things have not changed for a few months already and this puts a lot of strain on gamers and fans who want to own a piece of Nintendo’s history.

by Kristine Garcia

First Look at Nintendo Switch

Nintendo ‘Switch’ Review: Price, Specs & Games

The long anticipated Nintendo “Switch” console has finally been revealed. During a livestream event on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel, the specs, price and release date of the new console have been revealed.

by Kristine Garcia

How the Switch Works - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017

Nintendo ‘Switch’ Officially HitsThe Market March 2017; Price Details Confirmed

Nintendo has officially revealed the release date and price for switch console.

by Kristine Garcia

First Look at Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch: Everything You Need To Know!

Soon, Nintendo’s new platform “Switch” will become widely available on the market. Before that, it is good to keep yourself informed about the console, its capabilities and available catalogue.

by Kristine Garcia

Project Ariana | Razer @ CES 2017

Immersive Gaming With Razer's Project Ariana System

Razer introduces a new product that supposedly provides a more immersive gaming experience for players.

by Michael Augustin

PlayStation 4 | The Best Place to Play

Gaming Console News: Scorpio, PS4 Pro Will Set New Video Game Dependency Standards, Experts say

Gaming consoles Xbox One and PS4 Pro are the new trend in the video game market for 2017. Both are reported to set provide the new upgrade cycle, with huge leap on the technical upgrades.

by Henry Abragan

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