Minecraft PS4 and Vita Editions Announced Too!

Minecraft PS4 and Vita Editions Announced Too!

Mojang has just announced details for the upcoming PS Vita and PS4 edtions of Minecraft. Current owners of the Minecraft: PS3 Edition have a lot to be happy about- they'll be getting a free Vita version when the upgraded version hits this August, and they can upgrade to the PS4 for cheap.

by Alex Riviello

Minecraft PS Vita

Amazon UK Lists Minecraft for PS Vita Hinting at Rapid Release

It's been a while since we've heard anything about the upcoming PS Vita version of Minecraft, but a new listing at retail giant Amazon has raised suspicions that the game will be here sooner than we might have expected.

by Luke Caulfield

MLB 14 The Show PS4 Launch

PS4 Version of MLB 14: The Show is the Best-Selling in Franchise History, Sony Releases Fun Facts

Sony were today able to announce that MLB 14: The Show is the fastest-selling title ever in the franchise, beating out last year's version for several records.

by Matthew Buzzi

Borderlands 2's Newest Additions

Review Round Up: Borderlands 2 for the PS Vita

Gearbox's Borderlands 2 hit the PS Vita in North America today, and from the looks of things, it seems like hundreds of guns on a handheld ain't what it's cracked up to be compared to the console version, making it a real love it or leave it affair. We've collected some of the scores to help you make up your mind on this one.

by Luke Caulfield

MLB 14 Purple Field

MLB 14: The Show Provides Some Crazy-Looking Glitch Screenshots

Sports game glitches are some of the entertaining around, probably because it's hilarious when something trying to simulate realism completely breaks down. Many gaming bugs can be funny, but there's something special about watching your favorite sport play out as people change colors and break physics, like in these images.

by Matthew Buzzi

Borderlands 2 PS Vita

'Borderlands 2' Is Out In The Vita Slim Bundle- How Much Space Will It Take?

The PlayStation Vita Slim was just released yesterday, a newly redesigned, sleeker system that comes bundled with a digital download code for Borderlands 2 and all of its DLC. The system also comes with an 8GB card but the install size for the game comes frighteningly close to filling it up.

by Alex Riviello

MLB 14 The Show PS4 Launch

Gorgeous PS4 Version of MLB 14: The Show Out Today!

MLB 14: The Show has been available on PS3 and Vita for over a month now, and today the PS4 version will finally launch. The graphics and features have recieved upgrades during the extra development time, and baseball has never looked so good.

by Matthew Buzzi

PS4 Unboxed

PS4, PS Vita, and PlayStation App All Get Updates Today

Read which device gets what inside...

by Luke Caulfield

Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Two 'Silent Hill' Titles Are On Their Way to PlayStation Vita

'Origins' and 'Shattered Memories' are getting Vita ports, but a concrete release date hasn't been nailed down yet.

by Alex Wolfe

Borderlands' Mad Moxxi

PS Vita Getting Borderlands 2 in May, Bundle Planned for U.S. Gamers

The $199.99 bundle includes the game and the new model Vita with a 8GB memory card.

by Luke Caulfield

Mercenary Kings

Another Month, Another Slew of Free Awesome Games for PS Plus Subscribers

Check out the full list of April's free games here!

by Alex Riviello


Review: LUFTRAUSERS- The Best Rauser Simulator Ever Created, The Most Addictive Game in Years

Forget the clones- Vlambeer brings the real deal. Defend your nation, patriots!

by Alex Riviello


PS Vita Update 3.10 Now Available- Includes New Calendar, Memory Manager, Raise to 500 Apps

A huge amount of updates are now available for you, free!

by Alex Riviello

Playstation Now

Playstation Now Rentals Could Cost $5-$6 A Game

Streaming service could offer some fairly cheap rentals of PS3 games.

by Alex Riviello

BioShock Infinite DLC Buried at Sea

Mum's the Word From 2K on BioShock for the PS Vita, Analysts Pipe Up About Franchise's Future Without Levine

Longbow Research's James Hardiman - "Levine created the original BioShock and BioShock Infinite, two of the best reviewed games of all time, but was not involved in BioShock 2, which was generally considered to be a bit of a disappointment. So with Irrational no longer involved with BioShock, there is certainly the risk that quality will suffer on the next sequel, although realistically, we probably shouldn't expect that for another 2-3 years."

by Luke Caulfield

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