“CES 2017” Latest News & Updates: Samsung, Sony, Asus, Huawei To Showcase Flagship Devices In Las Vegas Event

“CES 2017” Latest News & Updates: Samsung, Sony, Asus, Huawei To Showcase Flagship Devices In Las Vegas Event

All roads are leading towards the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event in January where the biggest tech companies are expected showcase their best flagship devices.

by Jun Pasaylo

Xbox One S

“Xbox One” Latest News & Update: Console Update Boosts Download Speed By Up To 80%!

With video games getting larger in terms of file sizes, Xbox One’s latest update serves as a massive help for those who don’t like waiting for downloads for too long.

by Milton Letterman

Marissa Webb - Backstage - MADE Fashion Week Fall 2015

Apple iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Expectants Receives Something Interesting From Known Hacker Luca Todesco, An Update for iOS 9.3.x Jailbreak Version

Users may be disappointed with the lack of a working iOS 10 jailbreak tool but well-known iOS hacker Luca Todesco has come up with a web-based loader for the iOS 9.3.x jailbreak version.

by Ritwik Roy

Final Fantasy XV All Teammate Techniques (Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus)

'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: New Upcoming DLC to Come for Free! New Features, Outfits, Items, Season Pass Details Revealed

It has long been reported that the hit game "Final Fantasy XV" will be receiving DLC updates from Square Enix very soon. What's even more exciting is that the new content update will be absolutely free.

by Christian M.

iPhone SE/iPad Pro 9.7 inch Launch In Tokyo

MacBook Pro Release Date, Latest News & Update: iPad Pro 2 Seen As Having Potential To Eradicate Apple Notebook

The iPad Pro could eventually take over from the MacBook Pro but only if the Cupertino company is able to solve the operating system and program issues catered to end-users.

by Snooky Grawls

Verizon Store Stocks Shelves With New Apple iPhone 6

iOS 10 Jailbreak Release, News & Update: Luca Todesco Launching Working Jailbreak Tool Soon? Users Should Stick With iOS 10.1.1 To Work

The popular iOS hacker Luca Todesco will reportedly release an iOS 10 jailbreak tool soon. He has announced on Twitter that there is a high chance that the full jailbreak would be released soon. However, users need to stay on iOS 10.1.1 in order for the jailbreak tool to work.

by Christian M.

[How- To] get Whatsapp BETA — gives you an early access to new Features!

WhatsApp Mobile Data Usage Reduction Tips & Tricks Every User Must Be Aware Of

WhatsApp allows users to automatically download media files and documents over mobile data or Wi-Fi. However, sometimes this automatic download becomes a big cause of worry as it eats into mobile data. There are certain steps users can take to reduce WhatsApp mobile data usage and keep it well under control.

by Ritwik Roy

Microsoft Wants To Make Cortana A Household Name | Tech Bet | CNBC

Microsoft Cortana Latest News & Update: Tagged To Be As All-Around Bot, Microsoft Creating An AI Hardware Confirmed?

Microsoft Cortana was already tagged as an all-around bot as the huge company wants to bring the creation to as many appliances as possible.

by Rehn de Guia

Stunning Lenovo Yoga Book To Get Chrome OS In 2017

“Lenovo Yoga Book” Latest News & Update: Stunning Tablet-Laptop To Get Chrome OS In 2017, Find Out More Here!

Lenovo’s hit Yoga Book is set to get a Chrome OS version next year. The new variant adds to the popular tablet-laptop’s two other variants – one with Windows 10 and another with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

by Milton Letterman

Telsa CEO Elon Musk Unveils New Vehicle

Tesla Latest News & Update: Idling Car Owners Face Supercharger Idle Fee; Faraday Future Strong Rival In 2017?

Tesla is about to implement supercharger idle fees to car owners who leave their vehicles for longer time at the charging station. The said fine is aimed at preventing car owners from using the charging stations other than the intended purposes.

by Mia P.

Nintendo Switch / Nintendo NX Reveal: Recut [ Switch Gameplay Only ]

Nintendo Switch News, Specs, Release Date: Arriving in March 2017; To Come With ‘Underpowered’ Specs?

Nintendo Switch rumors claim that the upcoming console will come with underpowered specs. Given its Maxwell GPU, the console seems to be behind the PS4 and Xbox One features.

by Mia P.

Microsoft Unveils New Devices Powered By Windows 10

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL News & Update: For $299, Lumia 650 $99 At Microsoft Store Before Promo Ends Dec. 20

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is reportedly selling with a $200 discount at the Microsoft Store until Dec. 20. Furthermore, Microsoft also revealed a more affordable option for the Lumia 650 now price slashed at $99.

by Ben Lindon

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