NES Classic Edition: Availability And Console Sales Numbers

NES Classic Edition: Availability And Console Sales Numbers

Nintendo has released their current sales numbers for the NES Classic Edition, which has shifted 196,000 units and still counting.

by Michael Augustin

NES Classic Edition Buyer's Guide: Source Reveals Surprise Retailer Availability

NES Classic Edition: Restocks Available This Weekend And Next Week For Two Retailers

The NES Classic Edition gets restocked by two popular retailers this weekend and next week.

by Michael Augustin

NES Classic Edition: Unboxing, Comparison, and Analysis

Nintendo Entertainment System News & Update; Limited NES Classic Edition Stocks On Sale At Best Buy On Dec. 20

Nintendo Entertainment System is being likened to a micro console called Famicom in Japan based on several aspects. One of these is the limited stocks.

by Henry Abragan

PlayStation 4 | The Best Place to Play

PlayStation 4 Release Date, News & Update: 3.13MB Patch 4.07 Brings Most Awaited Stability; What’s New In PlayStation Store?

PlayStation 4 received firmware updates bringing a number of improvements to the Sony console. The 3.13MB patch 4.04 is reported to bring stability.

by Henry Abragan

Nintendo Hosts Celebrities At 2016 E3 Gaming Convention

'Nintendo Switch' Adaptable To VR Headsets; Global Tour Kicks Off January 13 till March 5, Before Its Release On March, 2017

Nintendo is an adaptable VR Headset component. Its schedule promotional tour will definitely boost product aware ness for the gaming communities all over North America and the world.

by Lester

Dolby Atmos:

Xbox One, Windows 10 Latest News & Update: Dolby Atmos 3D Sound Coming In 2017; Blu-Ray Bitstream Rolls Out To Xbox Preview

The Xbox One and Xbox One S will be the first consoles to feature Atmos support in games, while Blu-Ray Bitstream will become available to Xbox Preview members.

by V Doctor

'Stardew Valley' Guide & Tips: How To Grow A Giant Crop On The Farm, Fairy & Witch During The Night?

'Stardew Valley' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Grow A Giant Crop On The Farm, Fairy & Witch During The Night?

One of the secrets that boosts crop production in "Stardew Valley" is the gigantic crops, which will grow when a 9 crops are planted in a square [3 x 3]. Players will also randomly encounter a witch or a fairy that will either bless crops or curse the livestock, turning it black.

by Switchy Sam

'Stardew Valley' Guide & Tips: How To Change Your Appearance With The Help Of The Wizard

'Stardew Valley' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Change Your Appearance With The Help Of The Wizard

"Stardew Valley" players think that they cannot change their appearance once created in the beginning of the game. A hidden easter egg located in the Wizard's tower can give players a change in appearance.

by Switchy Sam

Nintendo Switch: Everything We Know So Far About Nintendo's New Console

“Nintendo Switch” Release Date, News & Update: Nintendo Console To Take On Xbox, PlayStation With Followers Over Power?

Hitting the tech market with much lower graphics power than the leading console brands Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo banks the success of Nintendo Switch to its loyal supporters worldwide.

by Jun Pasaylo

ARK Park (Snail Games) – Teaser Trailer

‘ARK Park’ Release Date, News & Update: Snail Games Adopts ‘Jurassic Park’ Concept In Its Upcoming VR Attraction; Scoops All Three Platforms

Revisit your childhood in “ARK Park,” where you can pet dinosaurs and manipulate what they look like.

by Arianne Gift

Lethal VR | Announcement Trailer | PlayStation VR

'Lethal VR' Latest News & Update: Shooting Game Confirmed to Release on PlayStation VR This Month; Get the Details Here!

'Lethal VR' is coming to the PlayStation VR universe! With various levels to explore, fans are in for an action-packed shooting adventure. The title is slated to hit the console on December 20.

by Astrid Cho

Counter-Strike GO – Winter Xmas Collection 2K16 by badtRIP Map Comparison

'Counter-Strike' Latest News & Update: CS Modders Christmas-Themed Maps; Valve's HRTF & Public Lobby Adjsutments

"Counter-Strike" modders has created Christmas-themed maps for the game while Valve infused chickens in Christmas Sweaters.

by Yang Llaneza

HITMAN Elusive Target #16 The Guru [EN]

‘Hitman’ Latest News & Update: Elusive Target 16 — The Guru — Now Live; Mission Runs Until Dec. 23

The Guru is the latest Elusive Target in "Hitman."

by Jackie Villegas

Newly Published Nintendo Switch Patents Reveal Gyro Controls, VR, NFC, & More!

Nintendo Switch Latest News & Updates: Nintendo Switch Might Have A VR Headset According To New Patents

The Nintendo Switch might possibly have a VR headset according to a new patent that was discovered by a NeoGaf user.

by Ceage Sotto

E3 Gaming And Technology Conference Begins In L.A.

Xbox One Latest News & Update: Microsoft Turbocharges Xbox One Download Speeds; Two of The Most Popular Classic JRPG’s Are Now Available For Free

The latest Xbox One update is turbocharging download speeds up to 80 percent; two of the most famous RPG titles are now available for free download.

by Ceage Sotto

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