'Pokemon Go' Community Day September 2021 Oshawott Guide: Start Date, Rewards, Exclusive Moves + How to Catch Shiny Version, and MORE

'Pokemon Go' Community Day September 2021 Oshawott Guide: Start Date, Rewards, Exclusive Moves + How to Catch Shiny Version, and MORE

Pokemon Go's Community Day returns for this month of September, and the Water-type Pokemon, Oshawott, will be the focal Pokemon for this event. Aside from the opportunity to catch the said Pokemon, and its shiny variant if they are lucky, Trainers will also receive other rewards and bonuses during the said one-day event.

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'MtG Arena' Patch 2021.9.0 Update Guide: Progression Bug Fix, Other Fixes, Changes Players Could Expect + Free XP and Pack Codes

Magic: The Gathering Arena has received its newest Patch 2021.9.0 Update, which will fix the persisting bug that hinders players from progressing in the online card game. Aside from the said major bug fix, several bug fixes and gameplay changes were implemented.

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Epic Games Gives Away 'Speed Brawl,' 'Tharsis' for Free: How to Get Your Own Copy

Epic Games Store will give away copies of "Speed Brawl," a fast-paced 2D-style Side-Scroller, and "Tharsis," a RNG-based tactical survival game, for free until September 23rd.

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'CoD Vanguard' Open Beta Test Guide: How to Join, When will Last, PC System Specs Requirements, and More

Sledgehammer Games initiates the Open Beta Tests for Call of Duty: Vanguard for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The said beta test will not onlky test the game itself, including its graphics and gameplay, but also its cross-platforming function for the said platforms.

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'Rocket League' Patch 2.04 Update Guide: What Feature Changes Players Could Expect

Rocket League receives its Patch 2.04 Update, which will focus more the game's features. The said update will temporarily remove the voice chat system to fix it, while it provided a brand new graphic support for PlayStation 5 only.

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'Swords of Legends Online' Moon Festival Event Guide: New Dungeons, Other In-Game Elements Players Could Expect

After a major update, players of Swords of Legends Online will enjoy the Moon Festival event, in which minigames awaits for them in the Festival Grounds. Aside from the event, three new Extreme mode Dungeons and a Hard Mode Raid will also be online in the game.

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'CoD Warzone' Season 5 Patch Update Guide: Weapon Balance Changes, Bug Fixes, and More

Call of Duty: Warzone receives its new Patch Update, bringing in several balance changes to several of its weapons. The said patch update also made a small change to a game mode's weapon drop, as well as fixed several game-affecting bugs.

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'LoL Wild Rift' Patch 2.4c Update Guide: Champion Changes, New In-Game Additions, and More

League of Legends: Wild Rift will receive its Patch 2.4c Update, bringing in balance changes for several of the game's Champions and one of its items. The said patch update will also reveal a new Champion Skin for both Lucian and Senna, as well as a new set of accessories.

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'Age of Empires IV' Technical Stress Test Guide: How to Sign Up, What will the Participants Expect

Xbox Studios has announced that there will be a Technical Stress Test for Age of Empires IV in order to prepare for its October launch. The said stress test will check the status of its servers and systems, especially in situations where players log in the game en masse.

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'Red Dead Online' Weekly Update Guide: Cash Reward Bonuses, Free Items, and More

Red Dead Online rolls out a new Weekly Update for its players, bringing in new rewards and bonuses that they want to grab. For this week, Collectors will snag double rewards for all of their Set Sales within this week. Aside from that, other bonuses and rewards are up for grabs, as well as discounts.

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'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Patch 1.0.8 Update Guide: Changes, Bug Fixes that Players could Expect

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 received its Patch 1.0.8, which brings additions, changes, and bug fixes. The said update adds more options in the engine stand's pie chart, while it changed several in-game mechanics and elements, including the generating of scraps, and parameters of several cars.

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MtG Arena Players Experience Bug that Hinders Progression In-Game: Any Fix Yet? [Report]

Players of Magic: The Gathering Arena are not progressing in the game after a bug hinders them to do so. The said bug, which was revealed through a Reddit post, makes their levels reset into Beginner Tier 0 in not just regular games but also in Events like Drafts. Wizards of the Coast wants to solve this problem through its newest patch update.

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'Call of Duty'-Amazon Prime Gaming Loot Bundles Guide: How to Get Them for Free + What's Inside

Activision and Amazon continues on with their partnership as they will bring free in-game loot bundles for Call of Duty players who are also subscribers of Prime Gaming. The said loot bundles, which can be retrieved by simply linking in their Prime Gaming account to their Activision account, will contain in-game items like Operator Skins, weapon blueprints, and other cosmetics.

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'Fortnite' Chapter 2 Season 8 Toona Fish Guide: How to Get the Character Skin, Color Bottles, Rainbow Ink

Fortnite's Chapter 2 - Season 8 brings in a new character skin in form of Toona Fish, a monochrome cartoon version of Fishsticks. The said skin will give the players the opportunity to give it some color thanks to the "Color Bottles" and "Rainbow Inks" that they will collect during a match.

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'Far Cry 6' Post-Launch DLC Roadmap Guide: Which Series, Personalities Have Crossover, Other Things Players Could Expect

Ubisoft has announced their plans for Far Cry 6 in a roadmap, which was revealed in a video teaser. The said roadmap features new Crossover Missions and Season Pass DLCs, as well as new additions in the game, including free Inrugencies every week and six new Special Operations.

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