Next League of Legends Champion Eyeballed, Meet Vel`Koz

Next League of Legends Champion Eyeballed, Meet Vel`Koz

Ever watch "Freaked?" It's kinda like that.

by Luke Caulfield

League of Legends Yasuo the Unforgiven

Yasuo the Unforgiven is League of Legends' Latest Champion

Peep this fighter/assassin for Riot's MMO

by Luke Caulfield

LoL Jinx

League of Legends' Jinx Gets Her Own Music Video

Keep your eyes peeled for some nice easter eggs at 1:29 and 2:16 that big LoL fans should have no problem recognizing.

by Luke Caulfield

League of Legends Jinx

Meet Jinx, 'loose cannon' and League of Legends' latest champion

"Packing major attitude and equipped with a cornucopia of carnage, Jinx is a marksman primed to leave your foes marked for demolition."

by Luke Caulfield

League of Legends

Play as a female character in League of Legends? Not in Iran you won't

Iranian eSports tournament has use of several of the game's female characters banned by the Iranian government.

by Luke Caulfield

League of Legends Champions

League of Legends players get athlete visas, helps eSports players be considered 'professional athletes'

Never mind that close to 18 million tuned in to watch a live streamed LoL event. When the US government considers awarding LoL players with athlete visas, you know it's a huge game changer

by Luke Caulfield

Twitch TV

What to watch on Twitch this weekend: Starcraft, Magic, and More

Whether you've been a longtime Twitch viewer since the days of or you recently became addicted to the streaming service via the newly-released Xbox App, there's never a bad time to fire up Twitch and see what the Internet's top gamers are up to.

by Mike Andronico

Infinite Crisis

DC's Infinite Crisis MOBA fights its way to MLG lineup

Everyone loves superheroes. Even more people love League of Legends. A game combining the two of them should have "huge hit" written all over it. At least, Major League Gaming seems to think so, as the competitive gaming league has added Infinite Crisis to their lineup.

by Mike Andronico

Dawngate Homepage

EA Takes a Crack at First MOBA Dawngate: Registration for Closed Beta Open

Does it have a chance at taking on League of Legends and Dota 2? Unlikely.

by Ural Garrett

Solstice Arena

Watch Out LoL and DOTA 2: Zynga's Got A MOBA And It's On Mobile

Solstice Arena looks to make MOBA's speedy on mobile. But the market's getting crowded.

by Kamau High

League of Legends Lissandra

Lisandra the Ice Witch is League of Legends Newest Champion [TRAILER]

Lisandra the Ice Witch sports wintery abilities. Here's a look at them.

by Luke Caulfield

League of Legends

'League of Legends' for Mac Enters Beta

Are You A Mac Player Who's Been Waiting To Try "League of Legends?" Well Today's Your Lucky Day.

by Michael Epstein email:

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