'Pokemon Go' Latest News: Discover PokeStops Through Ingress, Discover Things On Map & More!

'Pokemon Go' Latest News: Discover PokeStops Through Ingress, Discover Things On Map & More!

Players will not get no trouble in finding the PokeStops because they can skip the hassle of going from place to place with Ingress, an app that scans the whole area and reveals PokeStops for easier access.

by Switchy Sam

Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!

'Pokemon Go' Latest, News & Update: Complete List On Pokemon's Combat Powers That Got Downgraded; Can It Help Lower-Leveled Trainers?

"Pokemon Go" has decreased and increased some Pokemon in their combat powers.

by Jason Glenn

Pokémon GO - Get Up and Go Trailer

'Pokemon Go' Latest, News & Update: New Hacks Continue to Surface; Is Risking Worth It? Gen 2, Legendary Birds, Trading Coming Too?

The latest hack for "Pokemon Go" certainly captured the eyes of many, though the consequences are dreadful if traced.

by Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

'Pokemon Go' Latest News, Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Update: FastPokeMap Alternatives Players Can Use For The Niantic Game

"Pokemon Go" third party apps to consider downloading after FastPokeMap was banned.

by Daniel Flores

Pokemon Go Mobile App Game

'Pokemon GO' Tips And Tricks: How To Add a Pokestop Near Your Favorite Hang Out Place

A step by step guide how to submit a place as a new Pokestop in "Pokemon GO" and activate pending Pokestop places in the game.

by Allan B.

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Bangkok

'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: New Hack for iOS 10 Devices Works Even Without Jailbreak; No More Walking to Catch Pokemon?

With "Pokemon Go" still currently dominating the mobile gaming arena, some fans have found the game monotonous. However, there are still those who are attempting to conquer the game, but are momentously struggling. Luckily, there's a cheat for iOS users that willing players could try.

by Christian Ver Marcelo

Pokemon Go Gives Daily Bonuses for Players Who Logs In Everyday

'Pokemon GO' Release Date, News & Update: Everything You Need To Know About Daily Quests, Exciting Bonuses

The “Pokemon GO” Daily Quest Reward feature offers more excitement to its players as they get to earn more bonuses daily. More rewards await for those who catch Pokemon for seven consecutive days.

by Ben Lindon

Pokémon GO - Get Up and Go Trailer

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: Nearby Pokemon Feature Official in Some Areas, More Plans Could Follow; Are All These Good?

Niantic's "Pokemon Go" continues to do something out of the ordinary for itself and its fans, which in this case is the Nearby Pokemon feat.

by Staff Reporter

Wild Rare LAPRAS Got Caught w/ Epic Max Pokemon Gym Battle - Pokemon Go

‘Pokemon GO’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Lapras Native Worldwide Biome Finally Solved! Best Locations to Catch in US, Europe, Asia, Australia Revealed!

A Pokemon Biome is what "Pokemon GO" experts call or distinguish as a specific area or location in which a certain type of Pokemon will be having an increased spawn rate or most likely would appear. Now Lapras is one of the most sought after Pokemon in "Pokemon GO" not just by being one of "Pokemon GO" best attackers and defenders but also its rarity.

by Luis Vincent Gochoco

Pokémon GO

'Pokemon GO' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Earn FREE PokeCoins Without Breaking a Sweat! Make The Most Out of PokeGyms & Other Resources!

So you've just ran out of Incense, PokeBalls or maybe Lures and you are far away from a PokeStop. Nothing is far worse than spotting a rare Nearby Pokemon and you can do nothing about due to shortage of ammo or in "Pokemon GO's" case, items.

by Luis Vincent Gochoco

The upcoming Nintendo 3DS games “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” can be pre-ordered on Amazon with a special $8 discount.

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News, Release Date & Update: Japanese Trailer Reveals New Information; Wishiwashi to be a Totem Pokemon?

Fans went crazy when the demo for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" was released. Many skilled gamers and data miners have uncovered information that The Pokemon Company did not intend to leak. However, there seems to be a lot more to be discovered.

by Christian Ver Marcelo

Pokémon GO   Halloween Is Approaching Trailer

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: Halloween-Themed Content Takes Game to the Top; Is This What Niantic Needs?

"Pokemon Go" received a Halloween update not too long back, and with it fans may be looking at greater efforts from Niantic at making more content.

by Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano

Pokemon Go Launches In The UK

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: 'FastPokeMap' Disabled Again By Niantic; Will The Tracker Be Fully Functional?

The Pokemon Go tracker FastPokeMap has been shutdown again by Niantic. The third-party app is finding ways to make the tracker 100% functional.

by Jason Glenn

Pokemon Go Launches In The UK

‘Pokemon GO’ News Update: How to Deploy NEW Hack Pokemon GO 1.11.4 on iOS Sans Jailbreak

See how you can deploy NEW Hack Pokemon GO 1.11.4 on iOS Sans Jailbreak on "Pokemon GO"

by Staff Reporter

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