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Windows Store's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Won't Connect With Steam Players - GS News Update

'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' Latest News & Update: Window 10 Store CoD Servers Nearly Dead, Offers Refund

Nov 07, 2016 08:28 PM EST

Windows 10 servers for "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" is nearly dead after the title created factions between Steam and Windows which wasn't suppose to happen in the first place. Two versions of the game were released for both servers that limit the inter-playability features and now that the latter is suffering mass exodus of players, Windows 10 Store has nowhere to go but refund.

PlayStation 4 Pro Review

PlayStation 4 Pro Latest News & Update: Early PS4 Pro Users Report Improved Overall Graphics; Doesn't Look Cool on HDTV Though

Nov 07, 2016 08:27 PM EST

PlayStation 4 Pro street release had been broken and some lucky players were able to grab the newest Sony console ahead of others. However, the tech giant should still be happy with these leaks because it appears that PlayStation 4 Pro is fulfilling all expectations set beforehand.

Nintendo Switch Price, Launch Lineup Teased - GS News Update

Nintendo Switch Release Date, News & Update: Cheaper than PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One, Pricing & Release Date Leaked

Nov 05, 2016 11:17 PM EDT

Plenty of details about secretive Nintendo Switch may have leaked, including the actual release date, pricing and even bundles available for Nintendo's next console.

[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Introducing Sombra | Overwatch

‘Overwatch’ Latest News & Update: Character Sombra Introduced at BlizzCon 2016 with New Maps and Arcade Mode

Nov 05, 2016 11:16 PM EDT

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime revealed several new twists in popular shooter "Overwatch" that will include new maps and Arcade mode which presents all-new challenges.

Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Pack Reveal – BlizzCon 2016

‘Diablo III’ Latest News & Update: Blizzard Develops Necromancer Class for 2017 Comeback; Gameplay & New Skills

Nov 05, 2016 11:16 PM EDT

The Necromancer will make a comeback at "Diablo III" and BlizzCon 2016 served well as a mine of information about this character from previous games. Moreover, developer Blizzard clears up some suspicions that Necromancer will only confuse the gameplay of its successor, the Witch Doctor.

Nebula Realms - Gameplay

‘Nebula Realms’ Latest News & Update: Xaloc Studio Recalls the Game from PlayStation Network Because of Faulty Servers

Nov 04, 2016 06:28 AM EDT

"Nebula Realms" is withdrawing from PlayStation Network after just a week from launch due to problematic servers. Xaloc Studios finally ran out of explanation and decided that it is best to deploy full overhaul instead of existing crappy version. "Nebula Realms" caused too much stress due to prolonged waiting game for both developer and expecting players.


‘Uncharted’ Latest News & Update: Naughty Dog Adds PlayStation 4 Pro HDR Support, Update & Bugs Fixed

Nov 04, 2016 06:27 AM EDT

Three main updates were deployed in the latest patch for Naughty Dog's title "Uncharted." The title is en route to upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro now that patch 1.15.041 is available.

Xbox - Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio Latest News & Update: Pricing the Next Microsoft Console; Will it Follow PlayStation 4 Pro Price Tag?

Nov 04, 2016 06:26 AM EDT

A year away from Microsoft's next generation console dubbed Project Scorpio, there is much talk today about how much this device would cost. What tickles the gaming community is comparison to the current pricing of Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro.

Titanfall 2 Review

'Titanfall 2' Latest News & Update: EA, Respawn Opt for Free DLC to Build Franchise-Loyal Gaming Community

Nov 03, 2016 08:44 PM EDT

Electronic Arts aims to keep the growing support for "Titanfall 2" in many years to come so they opted together with developer Respawn to give its growing community free content and DLC.

Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Gameplay Trailer

‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Release Date, News & Update: EA Confirms Fall 2017; Respawn, Dead Space Works on Separate ‘Star Wars’

Nov 02, 2016 07:56 PM EDT

Electronic Arts' Blake Jorgensen confirmed that "Star Wars Battlefront 2" is in the pipeline and everything is on the go as the title preps up for release next year. However, there are much questions about when is the exact date in 2017.

TITANFALL 2 Single Player Gameplay Campaign Mission Walkthrough (PS4/XBOX ONE/PC) 2016

‘Titanfall 2’ Latest News & Update: Sandwich Schedule Between ‘Battlefield 1’ & ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Threatens Sales

Nov 02, 2016 07:55 PM EDT

"Titanfall 2" is in volatile situation and possibility of financial loss - if video games quality is measured by sales. However, this fantastic first person shooter from developer Respawn can be described as a masterpiece victimized by bad circumstances.


‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Will it Take Advantage of Lenovo Phab 2 Pro’s True AR?

Nov 02, 2016 07:54 PM EDT

Mobile gamers should admit that "Pokemon GO" lighted the wick that led to smartphone manufacturers focusing on development of Augmented Reality, Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is one such brainchild. "Pokemon GO" might not be the "real" AR if technical description is taken into consideration but at least it stirred the bee's nest.

Forza Horizon 3 AlpineStars Car Pack Xbox

‘Forza Horizon 3’ Latest News & Update: Expansion Pack Pricing; Setting Takes Place in Australian Ice & Snow

Nov 02, 2016 07:54 PM EDT

Microsoft released the first expansion teaser for racing title "Forza Horizon 3" which coincides with the title reaching 5 million players mark across Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. This much-anticipated expansion is the first of two updates that will span until next year.

GTA 6 in Development, Grand Theft Auto Tokyo Almost Happened - IGN News

‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Release Date, News & Update: Schedule to Follow ‘Red Dead Redemption 2,’ But When?

Nov 02, 2016 07:53 PM EDT

The fate of highly-anticipated "Grand Theft Auto 6" hangs by a thread now that Rockstar Games confirmed "Red Dead Redemption 2." The revelation has puzzling effect to the gaming world if this Old West open-world sequel can affect further development of GTA6.

The Last of Us Remastered E3 2014 Trailer (PS4)

‘The Last of Us Remastered’ Latest News & Update: Patch Allows 4K Resolution at 30fps for PlayStation 4 Pro

Nov 01, 2016 09:02 PM EDT

Gamers that plan to take advantage of Sony's newest console PlayStation 4 Pro and its forward compatibility 4K are going to be happy that the tech giant worked with developer Naughty Dog to provide support for "The Last of Us Remastered."

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