'Star Wars' Directors: Who Are These Guys Anyway?

'Star Wars' Directors: Who Are These Guys Anyway?

GameNGuide gives you a look at the currently announced directors and writers tapped for the upcoming Star Wars films.

by Steve Buja


'Star Wars' Adds Chronicle Director Josh Trank For Upcoming Standalone Film, Superhero Helmer Is Perfect Choice

Disney has found yet another director to helm its growing roster of Star Wars spin-off films. Josh Trank, director of found footage superhero film Chronicle, has just been tapped to direct one of the many upcoming films set in the Star Wars universe.

by Steve Buja

Lupita Nyong'o

Oscar-Winner Lupita Nyong'o & Game Of Thrones Gwendoline Christie Officially Announced For Upcoming Film

Though there was some outcry against the initial Star Wars Episode VII cast announcement for including too few female actors and characters, the two new members of the team may put those complaints to rest.

by Matthew Buzzi

Star Wars Attack Squadrons

Star Wars Attack Squadron Cancelled

Star Wars fans will once again be unable to complete their Death Star run nor weave in and out of the legs of AT-ATs. Today, Disney and developer Area 52 have announced that after the beta of their free-to-play aerial combat "stardog fighting" game Star Wars: Attack Squadron they will stop production on the game entirely.

by Steve Buja


Godzilla Director And A Walking Dead Writer Team Up In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Director Gareth Edwards, whose Godzilla is currently tearing up the box office, has been tapped to direct the first of a series of one-off, Star Wars based standalone films.

by Steve Buja

Darth Maul game

The Darth Maul Game Of Your Dreams Could Have Happened, But It Met Its Untimely Doom

There were just too many cooks in the kitchen trying to form one of Star Wars' most beloved character's game, and it ended up eventually killing the title.

by Alex Wolfe

Disney Infinity Lightsaber

Star Wars' Lightsaber is an Unlockable for Disney Infinity

Fans get their chance to unlock the iconic sword when the remaining toys are out in mid-March.

by Luke Caulfield

Star Wars Attack Squadrons

Disney announces Star: Wars Attack Squadrons- sign up for the Beta here

Stabilize your rear deflectors... watch for enemy fighters.

by Alex Riviello

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Details Point to EA Canada Developing An Open-World Star Wars Game

May the force be with EA Canada.

by Prarthito Maity

Star Wars Dread Masters

The Dread War hits Star Wars: The Old Republic

Complete patch notes inside...

by Luke Caulfield

Kingdom Hearts

Luke Skywalker or Iron Man in Kingdom Hearts 3? "It would be great if we could add those licenses," says creator

Sora telepathically communicating with Professor X while he swims with Nemo and Namor in the waters of Naboo? Possible, just not that likely according to Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura

by Luke Caulfield

Visceral Games

Visceral Games' next title doesn't involve new Dead Space

EA executive says the California based developer is working on something gamers “will be very happy with.” However, it's not going to be a new Dead Space.

by Ural Garrett

Kingdom Hearts

The potential of Kingdom Hearts 3, thanks to Disney's fat wallet

The purchases of various studios and entertainment houses by Disney over the last few years has wide implications and a dazzling amount of possibilities for Square Enix to finally close out the Xehanort Saga with Kingdom Hearts 3.

by Luke Caulfield

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