Instagram Tests 'Limits' Feature: How This New Tool will Curb Online Harassment, Cyberbullying

Instagram Tests 'Limits' Feature: How This New Tool will Curb Online Harassment, Cyberbullying

Instagram head honcho Adam Mosseri revealed that the social media platform is testing a feature called "Limits," where it can possibly limit forms of online harassment and cyberbullying. This is after reports of rampant racists comments on players on the English national football team where seen on the Instagram following their lost against Italy in the Finals of UEFA Euro 2021.

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Instagram’s ‘Sensitive Content Control’ Allow Option: How to See, Locate, Enable

Instagram has installed a "Sensitive Content Control" option tool for its Explore page. With this tool, users have the ability to control how much sensitive content it wants to see.

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How Twitter Users Share Their Tweets to Instagram as Stories in iOS

The need for screengrabbing your tweets on Twitter to share on your Instagram Stories are gone as the social media platform enables you to share your tweets to Stories easily. This feature, however, is for iOS users only.

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Instagram's 'Group Fundraiser' Feature: How Does it Work, How to Create and Host For a Good Cause

Instagram's "Group Fundraiser" is an additional to the social media platform's provided ways for its users to initiate a fundraiser for an entity or an individual. In this feature, users may invite others to take part of said initiative.

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'Clubhouse' Social Media Link Guide: How to Link the Invite-Only App to Your Twitter, Instagram

Despite the app being its Beta phase, developers of the social media app "Clubhouse" assured that users can link their Instagram and Twitter accounts to the voice-only app. The said linkage between to apps from the users will enable them to invite themselves easily to listen to their content.

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How To Use 'Clubhouse' For Your Business Advantage

"Clubhouse" is a recent social media platform that was a talk of the town since its launch. This social networking site can also be used as a medium for businesses to expand its reach.

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Instagram Reels' 'Bonuses': How to Earn Money Using This New Feature

Content creators in Instagram will now monetize their videos on Reels with the help of "Bonuses." This new service not only provide opportunities for them to earn but also to keep on track of their metrics.

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Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

Instagram Reaches 600 Million Users: All Thanks To Copying?

Instagram has reached rapid growth with 600 million reported users.

by Mae Tan

What's true and what's not! Let's explore!

Kim Kardashian News & Updates: Starlet Not Dealing With Any 'Mystery Illness'! More On Kanye And Divorce!

Kim Kardashian is NOT suffering from a "mystery illness," contrary to a report about a "medical crisis." A leading publication is exclusively told the alarming story is untrue. raised concerns on Friday when it ran a headline announcing, "Fears For Kim! Kardashian Battling Secret MYSTERY Illness." It was said in the accompanying story that the reality star is "dealing with a troubling secret even worse than her Paris robbery and Kanye West's meltdown."

by Surabhi Verma

Facebook Annouces A New Product

Instagram App Update Release Date News: Photo Application Now Has Disable Photo Comments Feature

Instagram will finally allow their users to turn off photo comments in their next update.

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Cruz is a real talented kid!

David Beckham Is Proud For Son Cruz’s First Single — ‘So Proud Of My Little Man’, See How Many Instagram Followers Cruz Got At Day One

David Beckham's 11 year old son Cruz Beckham has finally started his music career. Apart from this, he joined Instagram on Monday which is being managed by Scooter Braun Productions. Just within an hour of joining Instagram, he was subscribed by 30,000 people. His first single "If Every Day Was Christmas", dropped on 7th Dec. Seems that he is already a star in making!!

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He has no plans of returning to Instagram

Justin Bieber Has Given A Major Sad News To His Fans, Many Go Insane!

There is a sad news for Justin Bieber fans, the celebrated singer is no sooner coming back to Instagram. Beiber made this sad announcement to his audience at his London concert on November 29th. According to him, the app is "for the devil".

by Surabhi Verma

Instagram launches live video and disappearing messages

Instagram Latest News & Update: Mobile Photo Sharing App Launches Instagram Live; Disappering Videos &Photos

Instagram has launched Instagram Live, where users can broadcast on the app real-time videos and direct ephemeral messages that eventually disappear.

by Yang Llaneza

Facebook To Acquire Photosharing Site Instagram For One Billion Dollars

Facebook Aids Business With Linked Inbox; Instagram,Messenger & Facebook Can Now Be Connected

Facebook has announced that social apps Facebook, Instagram and Messenger will be integrated into one single app.

by Yang Llaneza

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