What We Learned Watching Denis Dyack's Video [OPINION]

What We Learned Watching Denis Dyack's Video [OPINION]

There are a lot of questions about Dyack is doing with Shadow of the Eternals. We can all agree, however, that X-Men: Destiny was crap.

by Ural Garrett


Twisted Metal Creator Goes Indie With Autoduel Kickstarter

David Jaffe and indie developer Pixelbionic are teaming up for a new vehicular combat game. Will Sweettooth be in it?

by Jacob Siegal

Poster for PGI14

What Are The Biggest Problems In Gaming? There's A Kickstarter For That

Documentary looks to identify the most pressing issues in gaming. What should they include in their film?

by Ural Garrett

Among the Sleep

Among The Sleep: Get In On The Creepy Horror Game's Free Public Alpha This Week

Try out Among the Sleep on the PC for free before the Kickstarter ends. It wants to scare you.

by Brandy Shaul

Stinky Footboard

Stinky Footboard's Successful Kickstarter Brings Gaming To Our Feet

Become a master of RTS, MMO and FPS PC games with the help of a foot-powered controller.

by Brandy Shaul

Road Redemption Wii U

'Road Redemption,' Spiritual Successor to 'Road Rash,' Looks To Wii U Owners For Support

'Road Redemption' is about a third of the way to its Kickstarter goal. They need Wii U owners help.

by Luke Caulfield

Cloudberry Kingdom

'Cloudberry Kingdom' Gets Picked Up By Ubisoft

Ubisoft set to publish Kickstarter platformer. Backers will still get their rewards developer insists.

by Chris LeJohn

Road Redemption

'Road Redemption': Spiritual Successor To 'Road Rash' Starts Kickstarter Campaign

'Road Redemption' lets you beat someone until they fall off a motorcycle. This is something we can get behind.

by Luke Caulfield


Ouya Set to Hit Shelves on June 4th

The pocket sized console is almost here. Are you getting one?

by Luke Caulfield


Ouya Ships To Kickstarter Backers Today

Android console starts going out. What does this mean for traditional consoles?

by Luke Caulfield

Shovel Knight

Five Kickstarter Games Worth Investing In Now

These games won't get made without your help. That would be a shame.

by Michael Epstein

Road Rash 2

Resurrecting 'Road Rash': Creator Plans Kickstarter If Support is There

'Road Rash' creator Dan Geisler attempts to drum up support for a Kickstarter drive. Are there enough fans who remember the motorcycle combat game to make it happen?

by Luke Caulfield


'Shenmue 3' Creator May Fund Sequel With Kickstarter

'Shenmue' creator Yu Suzuki may pitch his sequel directly to fans.

by Michael Epstein email: m.epstein@gamenguide.com

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