Final Fantasy XV - TGS 2016 Trailer

'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: Scenes Scrapped from Original FFXV Include Extended Boss Fight, Abused Luna

Now that "Final Fantasy XV" is out, interesting discussion about what could have been included but was deleted in the final version proved to be a nice pastime.

by Regin Olimberio

NieR: Automata E3 2016 Boss Battle

'NieR: Automata' Release Date, News & Update: ESRB Slams Automata with M Rating, Here is Why

Entertainment Software Rating Board just gave "NieR: Automata" an M Rating due to mature content, partial nudity, strong language and blood.

by Regin Olimberio

Game Maker Square Enix's Holds Event At E3 Conference

'Final Fantasy' 30th Anniversary News: Square Enix Reveals Plans & Date for Anniversary Opening Ceremony; New Games To Be Announced?

"Final Fantasy" is celebrating its 30th anniversary next year and Square Enix is preparing something to commemorate the milestone.

by Louise Bonquin

Final Fantasy XV All Teammate Techniques (Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus)

'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: New Upcoming DLC to Come for Free! New Features, Outfits, Items, Season Pass Details Revealed

It has long been reported that the hit game "Final Fantasy XV" will be receiving DLC updates from Square Enix very soon. What's even more exciting is that the new content update will be absolutely free.

by Christian M.

PlayStation Experience 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake - PSX 2015 Trailer | PS4

'Final Fantasy 7' Remake News & Update: Square Enix Hires New Game Director to Speed Up Release Date; Character Details Revealed!

Square Enix to fasttrack "Final Fantasy 7" Remake launch date by hiring new director.

by Louise Bonquin

PS4版、ニンテンドー3DS版『ドラゴンクエストXI 過ぎ去りし時を求めて』実機映像

'Dragon Quest 11' Release Date, News & Update: Square Enix Confirms Game For Nintendo Switch, Shows Off PlayStation 4 & 3DS Footage

"Dragon Quest 11" is arriving to the Nintendo Switch as well come 2017.

by Olivia Cavallaro

'Nier Automata' Release Date, News & Update: Easter Eggs During The New Trailer Reveals Weapon From Previous Square Enix RPG Games

'Nier Automata' Release Date, News & Update: Easter Eggs During The New Trailer Reveals Weapon From Previous Square Enix RPG Games

"Nier Automata" new trailer reveals weapons from previous Square Enix games such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, which are the easter eggs for the game and some other added features.

by Switchy Sam

Kingdom Hearts HD Compilations Contain Message About Kingdom Hearts 3 - IGN News

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date, News & Update: HD Compilation Box Arts Contain 'KH 3' Secret Message? Find Out Here!

A "KH 3" secret message leaked in "Kingdom Hearts" HD compilation box arts.

by Kathleen Nava

'Nier: Automata' New Gameplay Details Coming On December 15

‘NieR: Automata’ Release Date, News & Update: ‘NieR: Automata Gets ‘Dragon Quest’s’ Cypress Stick; Why The Game Deserves Your Money

“NieR: Automata’s” references lately seem to set its important status for Square Enix.

by Arianne Gift

Kingdom Hearts 3

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Release Update: Marvel And Star Wars Included As Well As Big Hero 6 And Others

"Kingdom Hearts 3" will be including Marvel and Star Wars, as well as Disney character like Baymax and Hercules, according to Square Enix.

by James Ryan Morales

Nintendo's Dragon Quest IX Experience At The WIRED Cafe - Day 3

‘Dragon Quest’ Release Date, Gameplay News & Update: Everything Need To Know About ‘Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time’

Here's everything you need to know about Square Enix's latest "Dragon Quest" game.

by Ceage Sotto

Final Fantasy XIII Review

'Final Fantasy XIII' Latest News & Update: FFXV Reaped Bad Score, Final Fantasy XIII Reinvigorated

It is an interesting point of discussion that "Final Fantasy XV" is not the highest-scoring game off from Square Enix franchise but "Final Fantasy XIII" is.

by Regin Olimberio

Square Enix at Jump Festa 2017

Square Enix News & Updates: Game Developer Reveals Full Game Lineup at Jump Fiesta 2017

Square Enix is getting ready for the annual Jump Fiesta 2017 in Japan.

by V Doctor

HUGE Final Fantasy 30th anniversary leaks: Crystal collection, FFVII remake, FFXV pc and more

'Final Fantasy' 30th Anniversary Latest News & Update: Square Enix Kicks Off With 'FF XIV' Escape Room Game In 2017; Remakes Coming Soon?

The 30th anniversary celebrations of "Final Fantasy" will include an escape game and potential remakes.

by V Doctor

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