'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: For Almost 48 Hours The Game Has Been Downloaded Three Times More Than 'Pokemon Go' Debut

'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: For Almost 48 Hours The Game Has Been Downloaded Three Times More Than 'Pokemon Go' Debut

Nintendo's "Super Mario Run" has beaten out "Pokemon Go" initial release downloads.

by Jason Glenn

Will Super Mario Run for Android be worth your time?

‘Super Mario Run’ Latest News & Update: Game Tops ‘Pokemon GO’ With 2.85 Million Downloads On Its First Day; Investors Not Convinced

"Super Mario Run" was downloaded 2.85 million times on its first day out.

by Jackie Villegas

Super Mario Run: First Impressions

‘Super Mario Run’ Latest News & Update: Nintendo Acknowledges ‘Super Mario Run’ Bug, Promises Fix In Future Update

Nintendo is looking into a fix for a game-breaking "Super Mario Run" bug.

by Jackie Villegas

We're Playing Super Mario Run - LIVE!

'Super Mario Run' Release Date, GamePlay, Game Features, News & Update: Latest 'Super Mario' Is A Big Hit! Finally Launched On IOS?

The world's renowned plumber is back, and he's back for good! Catch the upcoming craze "Super Mario Run" on your iOS device. But first, here are few details about this.

by Caroline


'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Updates: Toad Is Also Playable in the Game & Can Be Unlocked Instantly, Find out How!

Players can also play as Toad in “Super Mario Run” alongside four other characters and a My Nintendo account is required.

by Cores Grace Malaay

Super Mario Run

“Super Mario Run” Latest News & Updates: Nintendo Stocks Up as Super Mario Hits Road, Full Details Here!

Stock shares of Nintendo soar minutes after the release of Super Mario with experts saying that the game could easily reach 1 billion downloads.

by Jun Pasaylo

Super Mario Run Review | iOS Gameplay, Verdict, and More

'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: Mario Sales Projection Downgrades Steeply at 400%

Projections for "Super Mario Run" have significantly downgraded from its original $60 million outlook for the first month after release.

by Regin Olimberio

‘Super Mario Run’ Review: All About Action! [VIDEO]

"Super Mario Run" will give you little time to think and you will be busy in action. For game veterans, there are surprises as a few changes have been done in the game.

by Jyotirupa Sarma

Super Mario Run

‘Super Mario Run’ Latest News & Update: Play Game With 5 Secret Characters; Unlock Tips Revealed

Apart from Mario, “Super Mario Run” gamers can also unlock Luigi, Yoshi, Toadette, Toad and Peach.

by RG Ferrer

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

Nintendo News & Update: Game Developer Releases Its First Ever Smartphone Game, Super Mario Run Details Here!

Nintendo finally released its first ever mobile app game! Try the Super Mario Run on your Apple devices.

by Bernie Y.

Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

Super Mario Run News & Update: A New Smartphone Game; What To Expect From Super Mario Run?

You run, jump on platforms, eat mushrooms and try to avoid enemies. There's one big difference, though. Mario runs all by himself.

by Ralphy Bonn Sim

Super Mario Run Gameplay & Announcement (iOS Exclusive)

'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: Soon To Be Launched in App Store , Android Version On Its Way!

"Super Mario Run" soon in Apple Store but Android users would need to wait until 2017.

by Rehn de Guia

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

'Super Mario Run' News & Updates: Nintendo Game Available On Apple iOS, Android Soon!

Nintendo's "Super Mario" will invade mobile devices in 2017. The all new "Super Mario Run" will be available on iOS and Android devices soon.

by Staff Reporter

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