'Age of Empires 2: Rise of the Rajas' Latest News & Updates: Game Getting Brand New Expansion After Almost 20 Years!

'Age of Empires 2: Rise of the Rajas' Latest News & Updates: Game Getting Brand New Expansion After Almost 20 Years!

The last game you never would have expected to get an update, "Age of Empires 2," is getting a new expansion called "Age of Empires 2: Rise of the Rajas."

by Joe Marsalis

Star Wars: Battlefront

‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Joins List Of Free Xbox One Games Via EA Access

The EA action shooter "Star Wars: Battlefront" is finally joining the list of free games for Xbox One via its entry into the EA Access "Vault."

by Mark Jason Alcala

Dota 2 Hero Spotlight - Monkey King

'Dota 2' Cheats,Tips & Tricks: How To Defeat The Great Monkey King; Weaknesses Revealed; How To Pick Right Heroes

The latest patch of 'Dota 2' included a new hero, the invincible Monkey King. There are tips on how players can defeat this character.

by Kenneth Bren Briones

Total War: Warhammer

‘Total War: Warhammer’ DLC Release Date, News & Update: Hotfix Beta Brings Minor Rebalancing To Some Wood Elves Units! More Details

Creative Assembly introduced a hotfix beta for minor rebalancing of some units introduced by the recent "Total War: Warhammer" Realm of the Wood Elves DLC.

by Mark Jason Alcala

SIG-Windows presents Windows Server Containers with Kubernetes, running on Microsoft Azure

Windows Release Date, Latest News & Update: Kubernetes 1.5 Is Coming to Windows Server 2016 On December 15; Features Revealed

Kubernetes 1.5, the first version of windows with container support, is coming out on Windows Server 2016 on December 15, 2016.

by LJ Joseph

Dead by Daylight: Of Flesh and Mud Teaser

‘Dead By Daylight’ Latest News & Update: ‘Of Flesh And Mud’ Patch 1.3.1 Features Hag, New Map, New Survivor!

Behaviour Interactive just released three new patch update for “Dead by Daylight.”

by M PEO

Camille, The Steel Shadow

'League Of Legends' News & Update: Camille Character Guide; Tips And Technique For Effective Resource Farming

“Camille the Steel Shadow” is the latest Champion to be released by Riot Games in their game "League of Legends."

by Ralphy Bonn Sim

Windows 10 review

Microsoft Windows Glitches, Latest News & Update: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 PCs Dropping Wi-Fi Connections Randomly; No Fix So Far

Microsoft acknowledged that various Windows 10 users are having difficulty connecting to the internet.

by V Doctor

'Final Fantasy VII Remake' : Figurines From Play Arts Kai On Sale In Preparation For The Upcoming Game & Its Release

'Final Fantasy VII Remake' : Figurines From Play Arts Kai On Sale In Preparation For The Upcoming Game & Its Release

Play Arts Kai from Square Enix have figurines from the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" main character, Cloud Strife, which makes fans and player of the story remember its upcoming release next year.

by Switchy Sam

Technology Leaders Address Oracle Open World Conference

AMD Ryzen CPU Release Date, Specs, News & Update: AMD Best Chip Family Yet Coming In Q1 2017

Advanced Micro Devices' Ryzen is gearing up to be its most game-changing CPU.

by Christopher John Alerta

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered – December Update Trailer

‘Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered’ Latest News & Update: Female Fighters, More Maps, New Game Modes Added In Operation Arctic Wolf

"Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered" has received a new update featuring female combatants, seven maps, two modes, and fun new items.

by Jackie Villegas

Best New Dell Laptops for 2016 (laptop Guide) - From Gaming to Personal Use

"Dell" Latest News & Update: Basic Warranty Services, What Customer Needs To Know

"Dell" is one of the largest privately own computer company found by Michael Dell.

by Jerome

DOTA 2 Monkey King Cinematic Trailer Teaser

'Monkey King' Latest News & Update: Dota 2 Newest Hero; Powers Revealed

Sun Wukong the "Monkey King" is the newest hero added to the game "Dota 2".

by Jerome

Funniest Glitches in Age of Empires 2

'Age of Empires II' News & Updates: Game Set Up Getting a New Expansion Featuring Southeast Asia

Even after seventeen years, ‘Age of Empires II’ is still getting new content. This new expansion, called ‘Rise of the Rajas,’ showcases the ancient empires of Southeast Asia.

by Sonny Go

TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014 - Day 1

Oculus Latest News & Update: Facebook Splits Oculus Into Two Groups; Oculus Boss Brendan Iribe Steps Down

Oculus boss Brendan Iribe steps down to lead the new Oculus group for PC VR.

by LJ Joseph

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